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Hi there! My name is Sindrea Baltisberger, and I am also fondly known as Yaowalak. Born in Thailand, and living and working in Switzerland, I can honestly say that this is a country that has more to offer me than yummy cheese and chocolates. This country offers me delicious inspiration.

I am a graphic and exhibition designer, having graduated from Domus Academy, Milano, Italy, with a Master’s degree in Urban and Architectural Design. For a long time, I was employed with a Swiss exhibition company. But later, freelancing lured me away to places such as Milan, Bangkok, New York, Zurich, Paris, Koln, etc. Interestingly, I also write for an urban architecture magazine.

Today I run my own small studio, based in Zurich West. Christened ‘Zynario Baltisberger & Co.,’ this company was born out of passion and spirit, in October 2012. Over the past couple of years, it has expanded on to many project lines. Zynario now focuses on graphic digital works, and urban exhibitions. We have also moved on to retail design, fashion outlets, sale of dream properties, and product designs.

To put it honestly and modestly, the reason Zynario has grown so well and so quickly is that here at this project, we listen to what you, the customer, has to say. We work closely with all our clients, and offer solutions that are creative, fun, extraordinary and perfect. Zynario also teams up with professionals. This makes the company a unique blend of knowledge and experiences.

Our partners are also well-known agencies in their own right. Our client base includes small, medium, and large enterprises.

Driven by passion and creativity, we constantly strive to offer services of the best quality. Join hands with us, and we will life you up and higher towards a much better, much brighter future.

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Customisation is the act of modifying , diverting, embellishing, in short of appropriating the standard productions.



Real Estate and Fashion




Exclusive pet design products. Coming Soon



     FINE BULLE Champagne Sale and Degustation ,

Oberaltstadt 14, 6300 Zug



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We also do researches focusing on landscape architecture and graphic design,lets get connected to us via social medias and blog to find out more.

Options we take

Films, at the moment we do not make any films but we are using the top channel  like” youtube” to present our prejects.



Competitive stands, it is crucial to create a recognizable, inviting, and well-branded trade show exhibit. We attend to make the design stand out and shift the sale targets, work professionally from the start with concept, 2D plan, Visual rendering until finish, every element from exhibit structures, graphics, cabinets, furniture, lighting to flooring is designed and  organized to fit with all budget and systems.


Graphic & Illustration

Image is responsible to transform ‘direct and indirect ‘ from word, object, or any event to meaning or voice. Successful image is provoked on result and action. We always enjoy working and experimenting to all media; classic or digital works for book cover, posters, illustrations and all products design.


Interesting spaces and places weather retail stores, display, lobbies, centers or public spaces, we offers the experience, creativity, and technical expertise to solve or re-design for the excellence in providing environments that communicate, inspire and educate is critical. One of our strengths is the ability to fabricate and install interior and exterior interpretive designs and displays. We help you choose materials and media to fit any budget or application.

Urban & Landscape

The relationship between space and humanity such a garden icons, creative or function area, following the aims and objectives of parties. We present the visible urban design with Scenario ” Imagined sequence of future events”



Art Direction

Not sure where to start? or whether you know exactly what you want, or need a little direction, we will always deliver the perfect solution.

And More

Together with creative partners, many projects knock our doors and we make it happens whether product, interior, lighting design etc.





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[ i d e a s ]  “If people say something is ‘good’ , it means someone else is already doing it” Hajime Mitarai, President of Canon.

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